Feb 08

Malezia grew up on a farm and when she was discovering her sexuality there were no guys around.  She was homeschooled so she never had the opportunity to experiment with the opposite sex - or even with the same sex for that matter.  The poor woman was an only child.  So, she had no choice about what to experiment – except with the vegetables that grew on her parents farm.  She got horny all the time so she experimented a lot.  And she still loves to fuck her juicy young kunt with veggies.  I guess you could say she’s a veggie freak.  Not only is she a vegetarian but she is also a veggie fucker.  She likes stuffing her skank with thinks like carrots, corn cobs, and zuchinni.  I’ve even seen her stuff her slippery hole with an eggplant.

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Feb 07

Lola and I have been shopping together for years and ever since I can remember she has always teased me whenever we hit the produce section. Lola just loves to tell me how much a cucumber looks like a guy’s rock hard man meat and even starts to blow the damn thing right in the store! She is always surprising me with her antics but last night an innocent movie night for the chicks turned into my first lesbian experience.

Lola and I had finished watching the mov and she went to make us some drinks to relax a tiny more. When she came back from the kitchen she had the drinks all right, but also a tray of vegetables. I thought Lola was going to put on a show for me but I soon found out that she wanted me as the main course. We spent hours ramming all sorts of veggies into our pussies and it wasn’t long before I got to taste my first cunt!

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Feb 06

When it comes to fetishes Shanna is the freakiest lady you’ve ever seen. Not only does she have a amazing body with those wonderful perky boobies she’s also got a lust for anything that she can fit into her juicy kunt! I’ve seen her in a lot of videos but the ones I love seeing her in the most are the ones at Veggie Bang. This slut likes to stuff her cunt with all sorts of veggies and the more bizarre it is the more it turns her on.

U should download her in this vid where she gives her slit a good fucking with this cob of corn. She really loves corn cobs in her vag because it has all those lovely tiny bumps and ridges and the faster she fucks herself with it the more worked up she gets. It’s so nice and long and thick – sometimes I think she likes corn fucking even more than she loves cock! The woman is obsessed with veggie fucking!

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Feb 05

took a trip to the grocery store last night hoping to cook up something healthy for a change but when I got back home my girlfriend Lola was waiting for me wearing nothing but a smile and as horny as hell. She told me to lose the groceries and then got down on her knees and started to suck my peen until it was as hard as a rock. Much to my surprise she then sat me down on the sofa and told me to keep jerking my peen as I was in for a show.

I did as I was told because I know Lola and she is 1 hell of an entertainer. Lola loves to stuff all kinds of veggies into her tight tiny vag but tonight’s special was an eggplant that I had purchased earlier that evening. As she squatted over that bad boy and slid it into her snatch I shot a chubby load of jism that damn near knocked her over!

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Feb 04

I saw how this lil hottie was checking me out at the mall the other day so I decided to stop what I was doing and follow her around for awhile. It was a lil boring at first but then she realized what I was up to and the fun began. At the end of the mall is a grocery store and she led me down the produce aisle with a large grin on her face.

I knew where this was headed and I couldn’t wait to get my hand on some of those veggies and really fuck her yummy vag with them. I bought some that she didn’t dl for later that night and when I finally introduced myself we were long past tiny talk. Our eyes said it all and as I followed her car back to her place my cock was almost as chubby as the veggies I had prepared for her juicy snatch.

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Feb 02

I’ve met a lot of freaky and wild chicks in my life but Malezia has to be at the top of the list. This babe is super sexy and she’s got at least half a dozen fetishes that I didn’t even know existed until I met her. We were out at a farm 1 weekend and taking a walk through the gardens and she started getting all excited. I asked her what the hell was the matter with her and she took a look at me, grabbed a stalk of corn and tugged me off to the barn.

Before I could even ask her what the hell was going on she had pulled up her skirt, pulled aside her panties and showed me how wet her twat was. I thought she wanted to fuck but before I could get my wang out she had shoved that cob of corn in her coocher! Well, I couldn’t do anything but stand there with my man meat in my hand and wank off as she satisfied her bizarre veggie craving. Let me tell you this though – stopping off at the supermarket has a whole new meaning now!

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Feb 01

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So, my buddy hooked me up with this chick last weekend. He promised that I would like her. We hung out and had a good time but she wasn’t bangin’ sexy, you know what I mean? But she really wanted me to come back to her place for a couple more drinks, so I figured what the hell.

When we went inside she was all over me. I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to do her yet but she promised me a freaky good time. So we started making out and fooling around. I have to admit she did have a amazing rump. Then, she suddenly got up and told me to wait a sec. I figured she was going to get condoms or something. But she went into the kitchen and started rooting around. I thought it was a rather weird time for a snack. She came back with condoms in one hand and some plump stalks of celery in the other. “Are u hungry?” I asked her? She said yes, but not for food. She told me she wanted me to veggie fuck her! I was speechless. But that was ok because she told me exactly what to do and soon I was fucking her with that celery – 1 in her snatch and 1 in her rump!

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Jan 31

This cutie loves all things healthy and that especially include veggies because they satisfy more than her desire for healty living. They also satisfy her lusty desire to have her snatch stuffed with something firm and hard! You can tell she really has something naughty in mind when she starts eyeing up this cucumber. She licks her lips and then she licks up and down its long hard surface and then she promptly finds a place where she can play. And once she’s alone that long cucumber is a perfect fit for her juicy small cunt.

She spreads her puss lips open and slide that veggie in nice and slow so we can watch her kunt stretching open for it. Then she seems to totally loose control and starts fucking herself with it faster and faster. Damn this slut is really horny! And I have to admit watching her go to town with that veggie made me pretty hot as well! I just found out I have a whole new fetish!

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Jan 30

vb10b.jpgOne night I was stumbling through some sites on the online internet and I found this sexy site that I just couldn’t pull my eyes away from. Veggie Bang completely got my attention. First I looked through every single teaser movie in the tour. Couldn’t help myself – my cock just got hard watching all these sexy chicks sliding all sorts of veggies in and out of their slippery snatches. But then I just wanted more. I had to join the damn site and find out what the movies and stuff were like. And stud – it was so worth it!

Veggie Bang has the greatest videos ever! All these babes are going crazy fucking their pussies with bananas, celery, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini – every vegetable that u can think of and likely a few you’ve never seen before. These veggie stuffed pussies had me stroking all night long!

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Jan 03

Click here for more Veggie Bitches!The last time Ashley went to the local market she wasn’t there for anything to eat but to find something that would substitute nicely for a rock hard penis. She had been burned by a couple of different guys over the past couple of months and thought that maybe fucking an inanimate object would be the answer to her troubles. Ashley had long tired of her vibrators and other sex toys so today was a manhunt for something thick, long and hard.

It didn’t take more than five minutes for Ashley to find exactly what she was looking for. She hurriedly grabbed a couple of other meaningless items so she wouldn’t look like a freak when paying and then sped home as fast as she could. Once on her bed she grabbed a twelve inch cucumber and starting to give this thing a blow job like it was her favorite man meat. Dripping with wetness Ashley then slid that baby deep into her snatch until she exploded in ecstasy!

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